Desert Bivouac https://www.desertbivouac.comIn 2009 I visited Ismail Sbai in M’hamid, Morocco. After a drive through the Atlas mountains we came at the beautiful village of M’hamid, the port to the Sahara and home of Desert Bivouac. Ismail was our host and we slept in the luxorious camp El Mezouaria. Build a great campfire, made music and slept beneath te stars of the Sahara. Next day we drove to Bivouac Chegaga and I insisted to take photo’s in the dunes of Chegaga. The food, the sun, the music and the fun, it was all never to forget. The people were friendly and the Sahara desert the most impressive place I have ever been. I am also proud to work on Ismails websites they are available in English, French and Dutch: